Let's write a Boombernickle Adventure together!!
Which one of YOU will write the beginning of Mr. Boombernickle's Big Adventure??? Anyone can add on where the last person left off. We are up to page 4. Scroll down to page 4 to add on to our story. Don't forget to add your name.

PAGE 1 (Introduce setting, characters--what is Mr. B's first name?, and plot)

From Mrs. Dweck: Once upon a time there was an interesting man named Martin Boombernickles. He was interesting for this reason: He was tall and short; fat and thin; and defied anyone to describe him. You see, Martin was an extraordinary individual who had the ability to change his size and shape. No one could exactly describe him, because he was like a human chameleon. In this respect, he used his unique ability to help him out of trouble or help others who needed rescuing.

One day, Martin was walking down the street when he saw a chameleon that was changing colors really fast!

Gracie- What is he doing? Martin thought. The chameleon was just like him. Soon Martin realized that. "Hey little guy!" Martin said while picking him up. "What are you doing?"

PAGE 2 (Let the adventure begin! Introduce the journey and the purpose for his journey. Where does Mr. B go and why? There should be some kind of reason he's going on a journey.)

Tina: Martin strolled down the sidewalk. The chameleon was changing colors so fast, it looked like a blur! Martin grabbed the chameleon, hoping it would calm down. Fortunately, it calmed down. Unfortunately, it bit Martin. “ Watch your hands, BIG GUY!” The chameleon screamed. Then he thought,
“I should to shape up! He’s thirty times bigger than me. He’s twenty times bigger than my Mommy. He’s ten times bigger than my Daddy!” In a loud and proud voice the chameleon said, “I am Corbin Henry Albert Moonie. You can call me Cham instead. I was born in the RAINFOREST! I bet you weren’t born any place more special!” Cham bragged. “Let’s go! I’ll explain everything on the way. By the way what’s your name?”

“ Martin Boombernickles the name!” Martin boomed. “Explain your story while we fly over to the Amazon!” With that, he turned into a plane.

Excellent!!!! Here are some writing tips: Whenever a new character begins talking you begin a new paragraph. Notice I began a new paragraph when Martin answered Cham. No space comes after quotation marks. For example: "I should shape up." Not " I should shape up. " These are minor things. Your overall story quality and flow are excellent. I hope you've inspired someone to keep up the good work. -- Mrs. Dweck

PAGE 3 (Describe the beginning of his journey)

Then they landed in the Amazon . They arrived there at an old mansion. They went inside. Cham saw over and turned it on. Cham saw a thing trapped inside, so he called for Martin. Martin saw it too, so he turned into a hammer and broke the TV. They saw a top with eyes and a mouth. The top had an 8 inch long piece of lighting sticking out of its head, and for hands it had 3 inch long lighting bolts. The thing said, ''My name is Rotom and I will serve you for the rest of your lives.'' a TV so he went

PAGE 4 (Where does Mr. B end up? Does he/she meet new characters? Are there any interesting things, places, or sites to see at this location?)
The next writer should begin here. Read what other students have written before adding on to the story. Be sure to write your name by your entry!!!
Don't forget to proofread your work for mistakes. Write all verbs in the past tense, since the story already happened. For example: He "saw" a dog. He "ate" an apple. He "drank" a cup of milk.

PAGE 5 (Introduce the reader to the problem Mr. B faces in the story.)

PAGE 6 (Describe what Mr. B does to try and solve the problem.)

PAGE 7 (Begin to plan the solution to Mr. B's problem.)

PAGE 8 (How is Mr. B's problem finally solved? Describe the solution. Use dialogue.

PAGE 9 (Epilogue--your ending. It can be happy, sad, funny, or a cliff-hanger.)