Each week I will post a Question of the Day. These are NOT higher-level thinking questions. They are meant to verify you have completed the reading. Students answer in their class journal without referring to the text.

Chapters 1 and 2: Worth 1 point

Session 1
Question of the Day 1: How did Rachel and Jerry quickly sweep the pews in the church?

Rachel and Jerry swept the pews by tying a feather duster around Uncle Bennie's waist and pushing him back and forth. --Tina

Question of the Day 2: How are you able to connect your family to the Pye family? Give at least 3 examples.
We have two kids in our family, just like Jerry and Rachel. -- Alex
Me and my sister would also like a smart dog, just like Jerry and Rachel.--Tina
We went to church last year, just like Jerry and Rachel. -- Erin
I like to imitate people, just like Rachel. -- Tina
Our families have both traveled to New York. -- Alex
I like dusting, and I think that Jerry and Rachel liked dusting, too. -- Erin

Chapters 3 and 4: Worth 2 points
Session 2: Question of the Day: What color hat did the Unsavory Character wear?

Yellow. Everyone got this question correct this week.

Question of the Day 2: Describe three incidents where the children noticed the man in the hat?

Everyone got this one right too--
1. Near the telephone poles by Speedy's Barn.
2. Behind the fence in their backyard--seen by Uncle Benny.
3. On the way home from Grandma's house.

Chapters 5 and 6:

Where did Ginger Pye go with a pencil?
Answer: Ginger went to Jerry's school.

Chapter 7 and 8:House.jpg (Worth 1 point)

Where did Jerry last see Ginger Pye before he disappeared?

Chapters 9 and 10 (Worth 1 point)
What was Rachel scared of doing at East Rock?

Chapters 11 and 12 (worth 1 point) porkchop.jpg

What does Rachel think of every time she eats a pork chop?

Chapters 13 and 14 (Worth 2 points)dog.gif
Who was guilty of stealing Ginger Pye? Why did this person steal him?