Jerry (Jared) Pye: Ten years old with black hair. He wants a dog. Favorite place: New York
Rachel Pye: Jerry's sister who is nine years old, reddish-gold hair. Eager and skinny, little girl. Favorite place: Boston
Mrs. Lucy Pye (Mama): From a little town in New York
Mr. Edgar Pye (Papa) From Boston--Much older than Mama, a bird man (they met in a subway station)
Benny: Mama's little 3-year old brother and Jerry and Rachel's Uncle (the youngest uncle in Cranbury, Conneticut)
Grandma: Mama's mother
Grandpa: Mama's father and piano tuner
Mrs. Speedy: Owns the barn with the fox terrier puppies. The "you bet" lady.
Dick Badger: Jerry's best friend
Addie Egan: Rachel's friend (Rachel stuck up for Addie in school)
Evie Powers: A little girl who Rachel protected from the bullies

Rev⋅er⋅end Gandy

[rev-er-uhexternal image thinsp.pngnd, rev-ruhexternal image thinsp.pngnd]

U sed as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order)
worthy to be revered; entitled to reverence.
pertaining to or characteristic of the clergy.