Think about these questions from Chapters 3 and 4.
  1. When did Rachel feel like she was in a painting? Why? (p. 47-48)
  2. Name a time when you felt like you were in a painting like Rachel did in Speedy’s barn. Why did it feel that way?
  3. Does the relationship between Rachel and Jerry seem like a realistic one? Why?
  4. On p. 49, Jerry said that the dog is a purebred—part fox terrier and part collie. Why is that funny?
  5. Who do you think is following Jerry and Rachel and the puppy? Why?
  6. Do you think Jerry and Rachel were just imagining that somebody was following them?
  7. What would you have done if you were Jerry and Rachel and you thought that you were being followed? How do you know that Mama is worried about the stranger? (p 61)
  8. What would you do to try and name a pet? (ch 4) What goes into your decision?
  9. Jerry thought that Rachel could sometimes be unreasonable in her thinking. Explain the story of the “poison tomatoes” and how Rachel was unreasonable. (69-72)
  10. On p 73, the author describes the thunder storm as being terrific. Do you think a thunderstorm can be terrific? Rachel felt that the world had been born anew. Explain.
  11. Jerry tells Rachel that the storm is now three miles away. How does he figure that out?
  12. Is Unsavory Character really the name of the person in the mustard colored hat? Why do Jerry and Rachel call him that?
  13. Why do you think that Unsavory Character didn’t just pick out a different puppy from the litter? Why did he/she need Ginger Pye?
  14. Do you think Unsavory Character is trying to be seen, or is he/she trying to remain inconspicuous?
  15. How would you try to get rid of Unsavory Character or a prowler?
  16. Why do you think the people in Cranbury don’t latch their doors shut? What kind of town is Cranbury?
  17. Were there any other clues in this chapter that this story takes place a long time ago? (p 47 lantern, p 57 trolley)
  18. If Ginger Pye was a musical what songs do you think would go with it?