Chapters 11-12
Jerry and Rachel lose Ginger in the winter. Predict what season they will find him. Do you feel happier in the winter or spring? Why?
What is a tramp or hobo? How does this culture differ from the growing homeless population today?
Do you think that Rachel was wise to hide from the tramp in the woods? Why? What would you do?

Why did Rachel decide that the tramp was good? Do you agree with her decision making? Why?

Explain how Mr. Tuttle is a tall short-man? How was he “lost in thought” and “alert?”

Why is Judge’s Cave famous? Why is it called Judge’s Cave?
Why could it be called “Regent’s Cave?” What is a regent?

Loyalty means being devoted to someone or something. Who is loyal in this story? Give examples. Are you loyal? Give an example.
What was Mr. Tuttle’s advice? Did it make sense? How? What advice would you give Rachel?
Rachel believes she is sitting on a meteor at the brick lot. Do you agree? Why?

Chapters 5 and 6--

Explain what perpendicular means and what is has to do with Dick Badger. Describe an every day activity you do in an unusual way.

Who are the Ubangi’s and what do they have in common with Rachel?


Pronunciation: (yOO-bang'gē, OO-bäng'-), [key]
1. French, Oubangi. a river in W central Africa, forming part of the boundary between Zaire and the Central African Republic, flowing W and S into the Congo (Zaire) River. 700 mi. (1125 km) long.

2. a woman of the Sara tribe in the Central African Republic whose lips are pierced and stretched around flat wooden disks.

Describe the sparrow’s plan for getting the tissue paper into his eave. Have you ever had to formulate a plan to solve a problem at home? Explain.

How did the children “mark” the hat at the pond? Why did they do that? Do you think this was a smart plan?

Who was the “enemy dog” and why was he silent? Why did the enemy dog appear cowardly to Ginger Pye?

How did the enemy dog show up in the puddles, the reservoir and the water?

Why do you think that Ginger Pye preferred to be enemies with the cats? Why did he like to fight with them?

Ginger did not do well when Jerry tried to walk him with a leash. Why? Do you think this shows that Ginger is smart or not? Explain.

How did Ginger feel when Jerry left him each morning? Why?

How does Ginger go about finding Jerry? Explain.

On page 110, Ginger does not fall for the tree decoy. Why?

Ginger held onto the pencil through the hunt and scaled the high steps. What does this tell you about Ginger? What kind of dog is he? Describe him.

How do you think Jerry felt when Ginger came in through the classroom window? How would you feel if your pet followed you to school?

Why couldn’t Wally Bullwinkle take his eyes off Ginger Pye? What do you think Wally was thinking?