Session 1: Chapters 1 and 2
Due March 25, 2009

Session 2: Chapters 3 and 4
Due April 1, 2009
Role: I chose to be the Wonderer.

1. I wonder if Sam Doody could be the man in the yellow hat, "Unsavory Character".
2. I wonder who "Unsavory Character" really is.
3. I wonder who the other person who also wanted Ginger Pye was.
4. I wonder why "Unsavory Character" is snooping around.
5. I wonder if "Unsavory Character" is the person who also wanted Ginger Pye and is planning to steal him.
6. I wonder what tricks Ginger Pye will learn.

Your entry is well written. Thank you. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 3: Chapters 5 and 6
Due April 8, 2009
I think that Jerry will tell his parents about how Ginger Pye tracked him to school bringing a pencil. It is a very smart thing to do. Since Ginger knows where Jerry goes during the day, he might visit Jerry's school again. Ginger will still chase cats and fight the Daines' cat again. This time he will try to defeat the Daines' cat more easily, because the last time he fought the Daines' cat he recieved too many digs. I think that Ginger will disappear on Thanksgiving because of the name of the next chapter.

Good work. -- Mrs. Dweck

P.S. Feel free to add to the Mr. Boombernickle's story.
Session 4: Chapters 7 and 8
Due April 15, 2009
Role: Questionnaire
1. How do you think Ginger disappeared ?
2. Do you think Rachel and Jerry will be able to find Ginger again?
3. How do you think Rachel and Jerry will find Ginger?
4. Who do you think took Ginger Pye?
5. Where do think Ginger is right now?
6. Do you think that Wally Bullwinkle really has a dog?
7. Do you think that anyone could own a dog as fierce as Wally Bullwinkle's dog?

Well done. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 5: Chapters 9 and 10
Due April 22, 2009
Role: Author Critique
Eleanor Estes did a good job of writing this story. One reason I think this is because of all the details in this story. The details give you a good image of what is going on . I think Eleanor also did a good job of making the characters in this story seem like real people. I also think that Eleanor Estes is good at thinking up interesting statements like when Rachel said that Ginger might be a holiday dog. So far I think that this is a great book and I think that there is a good reason to give Eleanor Estes the Newbery Medal.

Thank you, for your analysis, Jessica. To improve your entry, you might want to include:

How YOU would change parts of the text if you were the editor to the author’s text. Would you add more details? Take away details? Use different vocabulary?--Mrs. Dweck
Session 6: Chapters 11 and 12
Due April 29, 2009
Role: Poet

We went to West Rock,
to have a picnic.
We looked for Judges Cave,
And Uncle Bennie found a robin's egg.

Oh no, Uncle Bennie took a bite of the egg!
No, Uncle Bennie,
it doesn't taste good.
No more egg for you.

We had lunch,
we searched again
for Judges Cave
and Uncle Bennie took a little nap.

We found Judges Cave.
My, what a cave.
With iron fencing all around.
How are we supposed to get in?

We searched for another entrance,
but we did not find one.
It was time to go home now
without any hope of exploring the cave.

We went back home all weary,
and Papa understood how Judges Cave was all fenced in.
We were disappointed and upset
of not being able to explore the cave.

When we got home,
we found out that Jerry had German measles
and we went to sleep very disappointed.
What a day!

This poem almost sounds like a journal or diary entry. Good work. --Mrs. Dweck

Session 7: Chapters 13 and 14
Due May 6, 2009
Role: Scene Elaborator
My favorite scene in the (as I noted earlier, you do not need "the" here) chapters 13 and 14 was when all the Pyes were gathered together in front of Beam's Place under the chestnut tree with a strange dog running around between them eagerly. When Jerry and Rachel slowly drew nearer, the strange dog spied them and raced to them. He leaped in the air in front of them, half crying, half barking with joy, licking their faces, whimpering, talking the best he knew how. Jerry and Rachel were speechless. In their minds it had been so firmly fixed that Ginger was on the Banker's Express with Wally. All of a sudden the truth, like skyrockets, burst upon them and first Jerry and then Rachel cried, "Ginger, Ginger!" they hugged him and kissed him and petted him.

This scene stood out to me because this was the first time Rachel and Jerry saw Ginger since the time that he disappeared. I felt, like everyone else in the book, that Ginger was gone forever to a strange land, but there he was, running around with joy between Mamma, Papa, Gramma and Uncle Bennie, Jerry, and Rachel in the Pye's own front yard.

The author brought this story to its peak by making it sound realistic and emotional. The words the author used were so precise, touching, colorful, and detailed. The scene she drew was clear and I could form a specific picture in my mind. The feelings she described were the exact feelings the audience had. I was surprised and I wanted to cry with joy. I actually wanted to pet Ginger. I felt happy. I wish I had a dog like Ginger!

Excellent entry, Jessica. Thank you for making the suggested corrections. You certainly are a responsive student. -- Mrs. Dweck