Session 1: Chapters 1 and 2
Due March 25, 2009

Session 2: Chapters 3 and 4
Due April 1, 2009

Session 3: Chapters 5 and 6
Due April 8, 2009
Role: Book Jumper
For my response I chose to be a book jumper and become Ginger as he tracks Jerry. Like Ginger, I would have not given up when I came to the tree. I would have kept on going, trying to sniff out Jerry despite the decoy. But unlike Ginger, I would not have chased the Carruther's cat and gotten into a fight with it. That is because I do not like fighting and I'm pretty good at staying on task. I CERTAINLY would NEVER, EVER attempt to go up the "perilous", open grate, metal bar steps. I would never do this because I am terribly afraid of heights and open stairways. (I don't like going up onto my deck because of my phobia). This is my response.

This is a well written thoughtful response. Thank you. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 4: Chapters 7 and 8
Due April 15, 2009
Role: Poet
(From Jerry's Point of View)

My dog has gone missing
His name is Ginger Pye
I miss him so much
It makes me want to cry

Where can he be?
I've searched everywhere
Who could have taken him?
This is just so unfair!

We left him outside
On Thanksgiving day
In a fenced in backyard
How did he get away?

I will never give up
I will search everyday
I know I'll find Ginger
There must be a way
(For this I pray)

Bravo!!! Encore!! Encore!!! You did a fabulous job on this entry. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 5: Chapters 9 and 10
Due April 22, 2009
Role: Connector
I chose the connector role because I can relate to and connect myself with Rachel and her experience of doing something for so long and then pausing to think about what you're doing, and then getting too scared to go on. This happened to Rachel both when she was climbing East Rock and jumping off the barn. This happened to me many times also, but here are two times I had this fear: I always would climb to the top of the big tree at the playground every time I went and then jump back down. One of the times I was doing this, I stopped and thought about what I was doing and couldn't jump back down; so I finally had to slowly climb down instead of jumping. Another time when this occurred was when I was in my friend's pool and had just learned to swim. I was doing perfectly fine in the shallow end, but as soon as I realized I was in the deep end I panicked and was to afraid to swim (even though I had been swimming all along). I had to go to the nearest edge and climb out. Sometimes it's just better to DO something rather than pausing to THINK about doing it.

This is an excellent example of a thoughtful, reflective entry. Thank you. You are a good role model for other students. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 6: Chapters 11 and 12
Due April 29, 2009
Role: Wonderer

1) I wonder what Mr. Tuttle meant when he told Rachel, "your dog is lost, so is not found, but when he is found he'll not be lost". Why would he say that to a child?
2) I wonder what exactly a gypsy is and why Rachel would think they would all gather together to have stew at five o'clock in the field.
3) I wonder why the kids who lived in Cranberry thought the big rocks in the lot were meteors when, from the description in Ginger Pye, they were obviously not meteors, but slabs of stone, probably part of the building's foundation (the building that fell down).
4) I wonder what Charles 1 did to be sentenced to death.
(I am going to look that up. There is actually a Judge's Cave in New Haven, Connecticut.)
5) I wonder where Ginger Pye is now that Jerry and Rachel have looked everywhere in Cranberry.
6) I wonder what my parents meant when they said, "I wonder if Cher wrote the song Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves after reading Ginger Pye", when I asked them about gypsies and tramps. I also wonder why they can't stop singing that song all weekend!

This is an excellent entry. You are a wonderful role model. -- Mrs. Dweck
Session 7: Chapters 13 and 14
Due May 6, 2009
Role: Questionnaire

1. What important clues do you think Jerry and Rachel completely dismissed which made it harder to find Ginger?
2. Do you think Chief Larrimer is a good detective? Why or why not?
3. Do you think Ginger hurt himself by jumping over the fence or from being mistreated? Why?
4. Do you think if Wally still had his mother around he would be a different kind of boy?
5. Do you think having animals perform in a circus is fair/right?
6. Do you think that Jerry and Rachel's notion that the "Unsavory Character" who stole Ginger was a man prevented them from finding Ginger sooner? Why?

These are all excellent higher level thinking questions. -- Mrs. Dweck