Ginger Pye Project Choices
Sing Along sing.gif
Write a song that summarizes the book Ginger Pye. Please be sure your song includes major events and characters, and how the book ends. You may want to choose to make the verses in your song rhyme. Create an illustrated poster of your song and teach it to the class for a sing along.

(for music lovers)

jack.gifPop-Up Events
Choose at least 5 events from the book Ginger Pye that you feel are important to the story and are easy to illustrate. Create a pop-up poster by creating doors that open and have pop-up scenes from the book. Label each door with at least 3 detailed sentences describing the pop-up scene.

(for art lovers)

dog.gifGinger’s Point of View
Write a story about what happened to Ginger while he was with Wally Bullwinkle. Include details, dialogue, and make sure it makes sense. Mrs. Dweck will help you type your story, and you can then illustrate the pages. You will then create a book out of your story. Don’t forget a cover!

(for those who love to write)

dailyplanner_writing_hw.gifPoetry Book
Write a poem for each main character in the book. You may look at Mrs. Dweck’s book of poetry forms for help. Mrs. Dweck will help you type your poems, and you can illustrate them once they are printed. Then make your poems into a book. Don’t forget the cover!

(for those who enjoy poetry)

Character ID Cards MickeyMantle.jpg
Create identification cards for at least 6 characters in the book. Include a picture, age, hair color, eye color, weight, height, birth date, crimes committed, awards given, interests, hobbies, friends, family members, and any other information you can think of. You may need to make up information. Use humor! Mrs. Dweck will help you to do this on the computer.

(for computer lovers)

external image 14523979.JPGRead and Compare
Read another book by Eleanor Estes, and compare and contrast the books using a Venn Diagram. Decorate your Venn Diagram so that it relates to each book.

(for those who can’t wait 2 weeks to start a new book!)

charliechaplin.jpgAct It Out!
Act out 3 scenes from the book that you feel are important or emotional. Write a script for each scene, and try to memorize your lines. Make sure all group members are involved!

Or...illustrate story panels for a silent movie and then act it out. You can even recreate a Charlie Chaplin silent movie.

(for actors and actresses)

Research Circus Dogs external image circus-elephant.gif
Research the history of circus dogs. Write your information on note cards and share your facts with the class. Print out pictures from the computer of circus dogs, too. Decide which group member is going to present each fact, but make sure everybody has a speaking part!

(for information lovers)